Frank Palangi (@frankpalangi) – I Am Ready


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Frank Palangi lives by that saying with his career and it shines through his work. The single “I AM READY” from the latest EP received a nominated for an L.A Music Award in Fall 2013 for “BEST ROCK SINGLE”. It attracts your attention, ambitions from the get go. He fuels his own feeding frenzy of modern rock with a solid sound like any 1970’s muscle car (that he hopes to own someday). His old school sense is a key part of his personally and way of life. At the core, he is a singer/songwriter with a gritty bass rock voice pouring his heart and soul into lyrics based on life experiences and subject matter. Portraying a positive image to his fans, it’s fresh to see an artist who respects himself. It’s exciting to see he’s not afraid to take chances and living outside the box.

-“Frank’s natural talent and certifies that he can write songs that compete with the big boys of rock.” Jamsphere Magazine.