Friday Night Music Club (@F_N_M_C) – The Christmas Beer Song a.k.a. Happy Merry Christmas


Last Year, the band Friday Night Music Club, wrote a Christmas song about what men really wanted for Christmas and sent it out into the internet. The song was called The Christmas Beer Song and quickly became a radio favorite for over 30 major radio stations and a long list of internet radio stations as well.

“We wanted to create a song that embraced the fun of Christmas,” said FNMC’s Singer, Scott Clark. “To us, being in a bar, surrounded with good friends and cold beer was possibly one of the best Christmas gifts a person could ask for. We wrote the song and shared it with our fans on FB and the song just took off on its own. We didn’t even have a video. We just posted the words up on Youtube and it got over 30k view sin a couple of weeks”.

In honor of last year, The band has now created a music video and are releasing the song for the holidays again this year. Above it the link to the Video.

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