G.I. (@GI_EXCLUSIVE) – Blackout


G.I. began rapping at the young age of 8 years old. G.I. was dropped off at the porch of his grandmother Mary L. Pruitt, at the age of 4 whom raised him off and on throughout his adolescence childhood. G.I.’s mother throughout his childhood years would come and get G.I. and move him around from state to state in unstable environments. G.I. would always have to bounce around from school to school, until his grandmother was able to take full control of his life. When G.I.’s grandmother past away, he was forced to go live with his mother in Springfield IL.

Due to physical and mental abuse from his mother whom abused drugs, child protective services took G.I. out of his home to live inside of Foster homes. G.I. then took the path of living in the streets not having anyone in his corner to love him. The street life then led to G.I. joining a gang, selling drugs, which landed him in jail.

The hard life that G.I. has had to endure had ultimately maximized his full potential in becoming a rapper!!!