Gio is a much touted R&B artist on the comeback from a fatal ( he was pronounced dead) car accident in 2015. At that time he had been working with 50cent on the POWER soundtrack. People in the culture have talked about Gio being one of the great R&B voices of our time. but a series of misfortunes starting with his mother being murdered, a bad Atlantic Records deal, and finally the accident, had prevented him from reaching that final phase, until now .

“ Sensuous Soul and Stone-Hard Blues “ “Washington’s latest musical endeavour is an upcoming back-to-basics soul album, which recalls the grittier R&B of artists like Otis Redding and the sophisticated suave of Sam Cooke. While he normally favours a bottom-end hip-hop heaviness in his R&B, Washington strips away that influence for a leaner, blusier sound. His latest single, “I Give You Me”, is a bare-faced confessional that layers chiming piano licks and spares guitar riffs over a slow, smouldering swing”. POP MATTERS MAGAZINE May 2019.

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