Gyptian (@realgyptian) – “Anything You Want” (via @kgn11)

Gyptian, a rising artist hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, is preparing to release his incredibly soulful new single, ‘Anything You Want.’ The reggae vocalist’s new song has been released by Kingston 11 Productions and will soon be available on iTunes and all other major music distribution outlets.

Kingston 11 Productions, which is based out of its namesake, Kingston, is a full-service
professional recording studio offering the finest analog and digital tools in the industry.
The intimate studio is behind the sound of artists such as Lion Chin, Anthony Que, and
Sika. Thus, Gyptian’s latest single is superbly produced, effortlessly transcending its reggae
roots and exploring soul and pop sounds as well.

‘Anything You Want’ has garnered significant attention online since its official SoundCloud
release. In the past four days, more than twenty-six thousand listeners​have tuned into the suave new ballad. Gyptian croons his way through a simplistic, but elegant soundscape of electronic instrumentation and
soulful backing composition. “I don’t care where you want to go, I don’t care where you
want to be, I know that I will be by your side. I’ll use my love as your guide and key,”
Gyptian softly muses as his vocals harmonize with a second vocal section.
‘Anything You Want’ is now available to listen to on SoundCloud, which can be found
below. Shortly, the track will be available across all digital music platforms as well.
Learn more about Kingston 11 Productions on their website below and follow their
social networking to keep up to date on both the studio and artists like Gyptian

Twitter : @kgn11 @realgyptian