Handsome Habibi (@Handsome_Habibi) & Usher – Good Kisser Remix


Hit producing DJ brothers form new group

Ali* and Hamdy* are Handsome Habibi a brand spanking new production outfit originally from the northeastern Sahara and now based in Western Europe. The brothers were separated at an early age and raised apart from each other but managed to independently succeed in the music industry.

Ali is an certified platinum record producer for European Hip
Hop and Pop artists. Hamdy is an award winning, world travelling DJ/Producer.

Last fall the brothers were reunited after 15 years. The two decided to form Handsome Habibi, pursue a career together and never leave each other’s side again.

Their style is a blend of genres. Catchy RnB vocals meet futuristic basslines and moody House chords at around 110BPM, while Pop melodies unfold underneath thumping, hard hitting Hip Hop drums. Sprinkle a little new shool flavor in form of Moombah, Twerk and Trap on it, add a couple of sample bits, et voilà. Salaam.