Harpoon (@WEAINTHEARINIT) – So Anthrax Vol.1 Crack CoaCoa


Lee (Harpoon) Henderson was born and raised in Birmingham Al. Encouraged by his brother “Tee” acknowledging Harpoon’s gift embarked him on his music journey at the age of 14. Winning countless amounts of battles, his confidence grew, shifting his mindset from a hobby to pass the time to an occupational way of life.

In 2013 with the ambition of “The Best” being a metaphoric simile, Harpoon started branding himself using the word Anthrax to describe his musical craft as untouchable. He further expanded his mind outside the box by writing songs for several artists, both male and female with different musical genders: (rap/hip-hop, R&B and pop). He chose the name Harpoon for an alias from a military term of a missile that blows up from the inside, as how he sees himself through his talent’s capabilities.

Harpoon’s 1st mixtape So Anthrax/Crack CoaCoa will be released late summer 2014. Join Harpoon on his journey to become “hire to the throne” and watch a star born.

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/@WEAINTHEARINIT