Haze Brown (@RealHazebrown) – For My DJ’s feat. A $harp & B. Done


Haze spent the adolescent years of his life in Montclair, NJ and later on in and around Newark. It was in Newark where the persona known as Haze Brown was born. Artists such as Outkast, Ludacris, Redman, and Nelly influenced Haze early on into the world of Hip Hop. Haze started focusing on his solo career, after his mother suggested to him to write his frustrations into an album, which he made into his first EP called “F.O.H”.

F.O.H; an EP that focuses on the subjects of his anger stemmed from the stupidity and negative output from the society we are surrounded by, added to all the personal turmoil of his life that all brought him to a moment that made him say “Fuck outta here”. His second EP entitled “Hip Hop+Real Skills” is a collaboration project with producer and DJ ehT Mills that showcases Hip Hop’s influence on Haze and displays his unique yet nostalgic style.

Twitter: @RealHazebrown
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