Herléo Muntu (@herleomuntu) – Zoba

There is something so genuine about Herleo Muntu’s music. A man born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but raised in Canada, he could easily be a novelty act, just some bizarre musical experiment. On paper especially, the description of his music sounds like it would clash: a French speaking man summoning the sound of deep Africa and Latin America? When I was introduced to his music, I was at once baffled and intrigued. Immediately, I had my doubts. But, miraculously it all works! And it works wonderfully!

The best thing about music is its versatility. I don’t understand one word he is saying and yet the music takes me someplace else. It takes me into his world, where a life lived with one foot in each culture comes together to paint a very impressive picture.

There is heart and soul, there is excellent beat and rhythm, and there is loads of creativity to keep you listening to his fourth LP Valeur D’Or over and over again. Highly recommended!