Hip Hop Magazine Exposes Nicki Minaj’s Rap Beef! (@nickiminaj @imyounik)


Nicki Minaj Might Be A Boss Ass Bitch, but ImYouNik Is A Boss Ass Chick.

Nicki Minaj Exposed For Impersonating, and Taunting Another Up And Coming Rapper Again???

IAMHIPHOPMAG.COM recently put up an article that appears to be exposing Nicki Minaj impersonating another up and coming female rapper by the name of ImYouNik. The website does a comparison of Nicki and ImYouNik’s looks as well as dissecting Nicki’s words for the freestyle she did to Boss A** B*tch and Danny Glover with Young Thug.

We all know that Nicki has a history of stealing peoples ideas and then subliminally dissing them on records. She won’t give this up and coming MC the time of day instead she starts to resemble the up and coming artist for fear she may lose her spot. Rightfully so Imyounik is no stranger to lyricism.

Shot’s fired: Imyounik responds back to Nicki by putting out a SNL parody video of How Nicki got her career started. Imyounik not only out raps Nicki on her own record but does so with out hardly using any cuss words. For those who are intrigued about this beautiful and talented artist check out her video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nViCx

Links to Imyounik:
Video Name is Boss Ass Chick
Her Twitter is @imyounik
Her Mixtape titled Attention Whore