hiphopndwshh vs.

There has been a lot of buzz about a new website located at At first glance it puts you in mind of until you really get in depth and find your way around the site. I’m very impressed with the set up at I’m a huge fan of WorldStar but, I don’t visit the site as often as I used to because of the direction they have taken, and the content that they have chosen to place.
As a whole, my personal opinion is, that is a better site for many reasons. Most importantly (for me) is that it supports ONLY independent artists. Secondly, that it caters to artists and fans of all genres. RockNDPopNDRnBND and of course HipHopND.  They also provide user friendly, professional looking websites with high quality videos.
I’m a true independent Hip-Hop head and a underground rap fanatic!  I love all things grass roots, which is why my vote is with HipHopND.
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