HipHopND (@HIPHOPND) Emerges To Champion Independent Artists


The music industry as we knew it has changed. It has become more and more independently fueled by the day and and the ND brand is the cornerstone of this movement!

A new website has launched and fully supports independent artist and hiphop fans. The site which is located at offers new music, interviews & videos from TRUE independent recording artists from all genres.

HipHopND is a user friendly site that is favored by independent artist and music fans that love new music from artist that have yet to be  discovered. This site will always be the first to introduce the ever changing sound and visuals that start at the underground level of the hip-hop culture. With just one click, visitors are afforded the many jewels that are hidden deep in the underground waiting to be discovered. This site offers viewers high quality music, interviews & videos from the most dedicated, hardest working people in the industry, “The Independent Artist.” HipHopND will keep visitors fully immersed with the option to choose the genre of independent artist videos that you would like to watch which are located at,, with the addition of GOSPELND and COUNTRYND still to be added.

“There were no websites solely catering to music fans that wanted to see what it was like to start from the bottom, in most cases you only see the glitz and glamour but never the grind that was put in before all the hard work paid off” It’s not easy to make a ‘major’ impact in the music industry and we understand how challenging it could be trying to compete with a major artist who has a big budget and major label backing so we created where we believe in the Independent way of life – and we promise we won’t mix the two we are solely committed to the independent artist and labels and we will continue to play 100% independent artist videos 100% of the time”, says the founder KB. Barrell.

HipHopND’s goal is to become the ultimate website for independent artist and labels with all the tools they will need to make the independent grind a little bit easier, everything the independent artist will need will be under one roof, one click will open up so many doors.”

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The Team: @KB_HIPHOPND_ @Traevp_hiphopnd @Str_politician @kamiasofly