Hogtyed – “Rainy Night In Georgia” (@hogtyed @fharrorecording)

HOGTYED SWAG/ROCK NEW CD Released Through JMD Records/Ingroves/Universal Music Group The creators of the movement and sound known as “SWAGG/ROCK,” HOGTYED

Was created in the South side of Atlanta (Zone 3), the duo is comprised of two extremely gifted and talented individuals, WunTre’ and Suave’ Baby. The group discovered and developed their musical talents at an early age; Suave’ Baby who at age 6 played the drums in church and school band while, WunTre’ raised many eyebrows at local venues with his street savvy style of lyricism since the age of 14.

At first, their musical talents led them in somewhat different directions; WunTre’ was a member of a rap group that he managed called 105, while Suave’ ventured into writing R&B music. After those endeavors ended, the two decided to produce music together. As soon as they began work, they realized that the dream of becoming music icons was now much more vivid. Instantly they realized they shared a common bond of creating a type of music that was considered global and “out-the-box”.

They quickly began to generate a strong buzz in the streets and clubs with their first collaborative effort “So Fly,” which orchestrated a Rap/R&B/Rock recipe that exhibited their unique sound collaborating with some of biggest producers in the industry( Alvin speights) Multible Grammy Winner and others the dynamic duo are continuing to make a solid name for themselves all over Atlanta and the southeast region, opening up for today’s hottest hip-hop artists like Freeway of (Rockafella Records), Lil Webbie, and Yo Gotti.

With their debut album in the making, Hogtyed are serious National Recording Artist with World Wide distribution. They are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. All in all, their life experiences and musical influences such as Outkast, T.I., Michael Jackson, Kanye West and Gnarls Barkley allow you to easily embrace the genetic melodic genius that is HOGTYED.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hogtyed
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fharrorecording