Hollywood Boogie (@hollywoodb00gie) – “Boogieman”

Hollywood Boogie, a native of Richmond, Virginia, is excited to announce the release of his single Boogieman from his new mixtape Relapse. Boogieman is available on Soundcloud. Boogieman is a hard hitting Hip Hop single that connects to an urban audience but has the universal appeal. Boogieman is the debut single for Hollywood Boogie’s new mixtape Relapsed. Relapsed is about revisiting a time as an artist where things were much simpler. Where the neighborhood dope boys inspired hip-hop artist, and the war stories and affiliations were authentic. Every artist evolves, it’s part of human nature, but the wise sometimes travel back to the past to dictate their future. Hollywood Boogie is a diverse artist and music lover of all genres. Musical legends Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, and Tupac has inspired him throughout the years. With a unique sound and universal appeal, Hollywood Boogie is here to shake up the music scene.