Introducing Alaska Lakin (@AlaskaLakin)


Introducing the next pop kid prodigy. singer, songwriter, musician, painter, poet, actress, model , five nine, driven…introducing Alaska!

Hailing from North Carolina, Alaska Lakin is a multi talented passionate artist with multiple interests. Her love affair with music and the arts started at a very early age. The affection for sound (and great songs) runs in the family. The 19 year old has been playing the piano since age six and her talents eventually extended to other instruments, including teaching herself to play guitar and the ukulele. Her musical style is “Pop Fusion”, an explosive eclectic blend of pop, rock, electronic, dance and hip-hop with unique twists. After several ad campaigns and character roles she’s expanding her modeling and acting projects and looking forward to upcoming feature films. . “I have a real passion for the arts but right now my focus is music”. One journalist wrote “Imagine a singing Victoria’s Secret angel rocking with a guitar on the runway…that’s Alaska Lakin”

ig/tw/fb: @AlaskaLakin