Lo Trillinger – “TRILL SMITH” (@Iam_LamboLo @jamdown59)


Lo Trillinger is a young man who is from P.A.T and is the next Pimp C who is the next to blow here, he comes with that same cuntry grammar from JAM Down Records / Entertainment / ABood music Ltd.

You can find Lo Trillinger on YouTube, soundcloud and at jamdownrecords.simdif.com, also find out about him at @jamdown59.com. The CEO of the label is SLAB from big bank Hank who excel at distribution promotion and marketing. The CEO of JAM DOWN RECORDS/Entertainment /ABOOD music Ltd is also in the clothing industry and wants people to know that Lo Trillinger is a tattoo artist and has done songs with Lil Boosie, Pimp C and Bun B And phase he also has songs with J Child, who is his co-label mate and is a very hot artist by the way.

Check him out!