Introducing the new soul of the south Raspy Rapz (@RaspyRapz)


Raspy Rapz is an American musician, producer and songwriter whose musical style can be compared to the likes of Ray Charles, Mahalia Jackson, Missy Elliot, and Outkast all wrapped in one.

As a rapper, auxiliary percussionist, and vocalist, she is a storyteller, songwriter, producer, and leader of a movement to transform the sound of the South. An organic display of Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz fusion; with a taste of the South. She calls it “Organic Southern Hospitality”. Sharing stages with the likes of Cody Chesnutt, Soccorro, Royce Lovett, Jamal STEELE, and many other artists in the Northwest Florida area, Raspy is sure to leave a mark on multiple scenes. This rapper/singer is a hybrid artist with a mix of skills she brings on every song.

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