J Cutta (@datsjcutta) – Body of a Goddess ft. B. George

6th #MusicMondays installment with J Cutta, Atlanta’s very own MC. Entitled “Body of a Goddess ft. B. George”.

J Cutta, a native of the Atlanta,GA home to great musicians in all genres of music and dynamic hip hop artists such as T.I. and Big KRIT, says, in regards to his upcoming project, he has but one thing to say, “My music is entertaining and ear catching. My music trans cedes across all music spectrums”. Listen for yourself and get ready for #MusicMondays.

Rapper J Cutta has announced the release of a new music LP and music single entitled “Living ” to be released soon in promotion of his upcoming music project “Life, Lies, & Luxury.”The new music single “Living” http://youtu.be/fn4t52hdWWo is the second single released from his upcoming studio album Life, Lies, & Luxury (2015).

J Cutta music is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers.