J.G. (@jgbaby90) ft. Kylan P (@darealpimpn) – “No More” (via @woodyardceo)

J.G., a native of Lakeland, Georgia, uses his first official single titled No More to discuss the trials and tribulations of being born into poverty, as well as an environment surrounded by negativity that is considered everyday life in similar urban locations. No More envisions a world that eliminates stress, pain, and drama, while inspiring through lecture, using real life instances that both J.G. and the feature artist present. With the global world in turmoil, and the nation still experiencing what some could perceive as racial backlash, No More serves its purpose as an anthem to overcome adversity for those ready to accommodate change. Without further ado, J.G. and WoodYard ENT proudly introduce No More to the masses. #NoMore #WoodYardENT #GetOutNGetIt

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