J. Roze (@iamjroze) – One Night


South Jamaica based Pop artist J. Roze (Pronounced J Rose) announces the release of his first single ‘One Night.’ The track was written by J. Roze and produced by Toronto Native DJ Shaw-T. The track was recorded at Lounge Studios in New York City and mastered by Andrew Krivonos (Wu-Tang, Tally Hall, Kaci Battaglia) at Brewery Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The digital single is available for listening and download on SoundCloud.

Andrew Krivonos had this to say: ‘I’ve always enjoyed working with J. Roze. I’ve seen a lot of people who think they have the emotion and ambition to continue moving forward and perfecting their craft and they fall short. In my opinion he has to be one of the most hard-working artists I’ve came across who’s also very humble and ready to prove to everyone the talent he has to give, but also have fun at the same time, just like in his music.’ Black Casper said, ‘This song is awesome at best. With the high tempo and get-on-the-floor type bass from the beat and the eclectic and infectious style J. Roze has on the record, I don’t see why this song can’t be a hit.