JahkR (@JahkRMusic) – “Wishing You Was Here”

My name is JahkR. I started off playing the keyboard when I was 13 years old and immediately fell in love with making music. I always enjoyed composing instrumentals and constantly worked on my craft to better my music and my sound. I was always interested in EDM, mainly because of my passion for Track and Field. I wanted to be fast and think fast, so I listened to fast music. The uplifting melodies and up-tempo beat helped me win many races and also assisted in dealing with the troubles in my poor surroundings. It was about having a good time and being the best you can be no matter what anyone says. Some of my influences are Tiesto, Scooter, and Frontliner just to name a few. I have a lot of stories to tell, and music is the way that my heart and mind come together to tell that story. My music is unlike any other, just as I am. Now the world will hear a new way to listen.

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