Jason Detroit (@Jason_Detroit23) – The pain


I’m born in Detroit and raise in Memphis. My style come from either north or south, i just rap from where my heart beat heavy at. I’m a story telling rapper a M C. But my music relate to what going on now. I do party records but i am not no party rapper. I don’t do my music from party people. My music is basic off of victim like bully victim,rape, a person who never had no parents or do got person but don’t support in shit and shut down there dreams, those who are addicted to drugs, alcoholic, sex, insecurity, lost trust in church and God but try to rebuilt it and who happiness come from there pain, who can’t smile without crying. even doe my music is sadness, depression, angry however i can make song like money to blow, Drake hold on, Lil Wayne bitches love me, Jay Z run this town, Dead president, and moment of clarity Dmx slipping and what this bitches want for a nigga Tupac Troublesome and Dear mom or Eminem When you gone or sing for the moment with the right tracks. But right now i rap from straight raw emotions.