Javon (@thisisjavon) talks clubbing with @official_flo and life in Miami


Those who know the city of Miami know it’s the city of fabulous nightlife, celebrity life, and tropical landscapes. Thats not where it all started for new R&B Hip-hop artist Javon, however it’s where his career quickly spun out of control. @thisisjavon described his experience as followed, “It was 2013 and I was very new to the city of Miami by way of Atlanta, GA. I had just rapped up a very short trip to Dubai with the band and got an offer to start working with a local agency. At first, I was a bit to myself, focused on my new place, new friends, and new music and had a few contacts in the streets with a local promoter, Mrs JJ Heff. At the time he was working for Rappers Rick Ross and Flo Rida. Lol I remember picking JJ and his friends up in my car and riding around the city like some ghetto trouble makers. One night I ended up at the radio station with DJ suicide just promoting the record I had. Lol he played that song over and over and over, until I said stop! Enough!! Next thing you know we was on south beach at club bamboo. I remember trey songz was there and a few others. Flo’s a nice guy, not as big as he looks in all the pictures Lol, but I had a nice time partying with the crew.”

Shortly after that, Ahmad “Javon” Lane, XOXO actually got it’s start on Flo rida’s Strongarm radio. Of course after that all spun out of control!

Javon is not represented by Flo Rida and Strongarm/IMG in any way.

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