John Blake (@johnblakenation) – Your Light (Let It Shine)


Hailing from South Florida John Blake, aka Jonathan Burkett, is not your average hip-hop artist, because his music is so much more than just simple entertainment.

His unique blend of rap is all about celebrating and giving thanks, with a very positive outlook on life. One of his latest new releases, single “Your Light (let it shine)”, featuring talented vocalist Elisa Polanco, is absolutely perfect to explain his approach:

This music is nothing like the usual plastic fame-seeking epidemic that currently affects the hip-hop scene. John is all about inspirational lyrics with a strong, emotional feel.

His brand new song “pour it” follows along the same concept, with great lyrics…from the heart to the heart. This is one of the few artists out there who is not afraid to speak about his views on life and share his values with the world.