Jordan “Fresch” Frescher (@Frescher) – Killin Em


Jordan “Fresch” Frescher is quickly getting a lot of publicity through his performance with many artists and especially his music and video hit called “Killin Em!”

Emerging from the Dirty South, Jordan “Fresch” Frescher brings a much-needed breath of “Fresch” air to the rap and hip-hop scene. A belief in delivering a southern feel with a message so there’s no excuse not to listen, stems from his childhood upbringing in Arlington, Texas, where his ears were first banned from experiencing the beats and lyrics of the rap and hip-hop world.

Embracing the words, energy of rap and hip-hop artists like Ice-Cube, Digable Planets, Timberland, Snoop, and Jay-Z, the developing artist became passionate about music, all the while keeping his spirituality the core of his beliefs. That same passion for music married with his spirituality led to the birth of “Fresch”, a Texas rapper with all the right ingredients to enhance the world of music as we know it. Fresch has been compared to The Game and Young Jeezy, having a similar pain in his voice, delivered in an incredible way forcing fans to crank up the volume. Listeners have compared the newcomer to artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Common for his unique lyrical style.

Fresch has done some music collaboration with various musical artists. Even with “Tre Nelson on his song called “Daily.” Check it out here –

Jordan “Fresch” Frescher’s has an album called, “The Loved, The Lost, & The Learned.” The album encompasses the entire world into 3 categories: The Loved, The Lost, & The Learned. These three categories portray that we’ve all loved or been loved, have felt lost or are currently finding our way, and are learning through the many experiences we have in life,” reflected Frescher.” Each track relates an aspect of life and tells it in a way that can make the listener understand the vulnerability of the artist as he himself experiences being loved, lost, and learned.”

Fresch’s upcoming performance will be at Round 2 of the Royalty of Rap Rivalry, this August 22, 2013 at Draft Picks Sports & Bar Grill at 8:00pm which he is going for the win. His debut new song “C.O.L.D” will be performed that night as well.

World you are definitely going to be hearing a lot of great press and music from “Fresch!”