JOY IKE (@joyike) – The Fall Song


Folksy Americana Singer Joy Ike’s The Fall Song may just be the happiest and sweetest music video made this year. The cheerful tale of a 12 year old girl who has a secret – the sock on her foot has taken on a life of it’s own.

Newcomer Carolyne Mehki leads a recognizable cast of characters featuring youtube and music video sensation Joy Nash (Fat Rant, Duck Sauce’s Big Bad Wolf), Michael Ciriaco (cult film The Weathered Underground) and Stacy Bellezaire (Mar Mar’s Ice Cream).

Ike, a popular performer who has risen quickly to prominence touring east coast clubs, theater spaces, and universities called on Super Rad Film’s David N. Donihue to come up with an imaginative music video for her song about the beginning of fall.

Donihue, referencing her timeless sound, used classics like The Electric Company as his main influence when designing the style and tone of the video – an imaginative and cheerfully innocent take on trying to blend in amongst your peers when something is different about you.

Music Video directed by David N. Donihue