Jozey (@isoJozey) – “Suicide Doors”

Jozey is an artist who puts a lot of passion and energy into his music. This artist was actually born in Hong Kong, but he’s based in Atlanta, home to one of America’s hottest hip-hop communities.

His sound is deeply related to the grit and vibes of hip-hop. His songs are somewhere in between the warmth of the old school and the crisp punch of the new one.

Recently, he set out to release a brand new single titled “Suicide Doors.” Although this song is rooted in the world of hip-hop, it is actually so innovative that it could easily be described as genre-less.

“Suicide Doors” combines Jozey’s energetic attitude with a really diverse and forward-thinking twist, which adds to his creative vision.

Find out more about Jozey, and do not miss out on “Suicide Doors” and other astonishing releases from this talented artist and performer.