Here’s KC’s new video BURN CITY, Produced by KC / TC / DUSH.

Born and Raised in the western suburbs of Melbourne (Australia) I go by KC. I started writing when I was 15 years of age by the time I reached the age of 18 I knew music was something I didn’t want to take lightly so I started teaching myself how to Rap / Sing / Record / Produce / Mix my own music all the while doing YouTube videos as my music knowledge progressed to greater things. Music is something I live for I crave it every day and every night. My music is not the same as many people you would hear today – I am an independent Hip-Hop(R&B) Artist but my style is
completely different to the usual, I have people who hate rap tell me they like my music that’s how diverse it is. I tell everyone I live for this regardless of what level I’m on and how much hate I get; I will die trying to reach the highest level because I believe I have more to offer than a lot of people and I keep it real at all times.

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