Kerry Vinette (@kerryvinette) – Big Easy Town

This audio/visual presentation is a sobering reflection back on Hurricane Katrina,as we stand at the precipice of the 10-year anniversary. It is also a glance forward after Katrina, which displays the heart and resiliency of our fair city. A people determined to see this city come back better than ever! The crown jewel of the Gulf Coast. How this community of Who Dats are showing the world how to bounce back from extreme adversity! This is how we Do Dat! This presentation is dedicated to those who chose to come back to rebuild, as well as those who chose not to return. Either way, still Who Dat at heart! It is also a celebration of the people, culture, Mardi Gras, good food and good times for which we are known the world over! None of this would be possible, for it not the grace and mercy shown by my Father In Heaven! This city could have easily been decimated to biblical proportions never to recover.

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