Kevin Anthony (@itskevinanthony) – Pump Fake


Kevin Anthony, critically acclaimed as the premier talent out of Michigan is the break through in the industry. Kevin Anthony was born in Newark, Delaware on October 3rd 1991 and raised between Puerto Rico & the U.S. Starting from humble beginnings with nothing more than a pure passion for his craft. It’s his talent, his passion and what he is mostly committed too that has lead him to the point of success.

Only a year into his musical moniker he has captured audiences in the U.S.A & overseas on the International level. Capturing the eyes of many award winning producers from various several companies, artists and top names in the industry have given him elevation .Guided by his daily emotional afflictions, relationship mishaps & life in the fast lane has brought forth this emerging artists to the forefront, creating his own style of music genre which he deems “Urban Pop”. Kevin Anthony is not just a new face in the industry, he is the future of the industry.