Kid Seven (@krisakakid7) – Scream


Some of you might get on this page expecting a normal biography. But Kid Seven is extremely far from normal…

Rap Sensation Kid Seven was born as Kristopher Heckman on November 9, 1983 in Syracuse, New York. From a young age he began listening to Hip Hop artists such as Big L, Tupac, and DMX. Kris still has an abundance of respect for all genres in music; however, he admits hip hop has always been his major influence. This new age of Hip Hop he brings to the table ranges from the influences of Guns N’ Roses to rap legend Nas. His flashy abstract style of hip hop has impacted numerous upcoming artists. Kid Seven has a brilliant style of rugged underground muscle to an edgy mainstream touch.
“I guess the reason I don’t listen to country or old rock is because I was force fed it in my father’s truck or mother’s car …. It drove me crazy” Kid Seven

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