King Camil (@camilmusic) – #MoreThenThis & #NoBeatNoHook2 #Retweet


More Then This is the new video with soulful old school music fused with King Camil’s hard deliver, and clever wordplay. This song & video is an instant classic and so fitting for todays hip hop scene. More Then This is a strong song of substance and consciousness thats always needed. I am just amazed at such great music. The video contains a short freestyle at the end which sees King Camil go in hard. This video was also just featured on yea thats right AllHipHop

Now hopefully all the other blogs pick it up as they should and support real music without all the politics because
“It got to be alot More Then This”. Got to love it!!!! Check this out its hot, and be sure to scoop the mixtape!

#Kingcamil #Kingtape2