Kronik (@darryldarryl2x) – TTU (TinaTurnUp)


Kronik (Kickin’ Rhythms On Niggas, …I Kill) is an American Hip Hop/R&B recording artist, record producer, sound engineer, entrepreneur & fashion designer from Birmingham, Alabama. Kronik has been recording music seriously since 2006 with his band the Zoot’D PheLLaZ (or ZP). He began gaining notable recognition with his 2012 release of his 3rd solo mixtape Stankin’ Out Tha Bag. Since then, Kronik & his label HIVE Muzik (Hood Innovator’s Vision Enriching Muzik) has been consistently releasing bodies of work including Zmok Braak (Smoke Break) , which features Kronik’s hot new single TTU (TinaTurnUp). TTU (TinaTurnUp) is an ode to women who handle their business to get what they desire out of life wrapped up in a strip club focused down south banger. Zmok Braak (released on 4/20) features 15 original songs written, performed, & produced by the HIVE Muzik roster.