Kshaun Wattz Goiinonyo (@KAYY_YMG) & AT Flame – The Trip [Prod Drizzo GGP]

South Carolina rapper unveils new cuts,“The Trip” and “All Over Places. “I ain’t trippin’ bout it / Got all my dawgs surrounded / Niggas heads look like balloons the way I’m bout to pop,” Kshaun raps on “The Trip” featuring his sister, 17 year old femcee, AT Flame . The siblings provide three hard hitting 16’s throughout the Drizzo produced , horn plunging trap tune with intense delivery : “We get lifted, Stay Trippin’ / We always sippin’ , Stay Trippin’ / We never slippin’ , Stay Trippin’ / Me and my niggas getting’ it , Stay Trippin”, AT Flame chants throughout the hook.Stay tuned for more updates on Kshaun Wattz Goiinonyo as it appears that his 2015 is already turning out to be a big year for him.

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