Once every few years a new recording artist emerges on the Hip Hop music scene that captivates the ears of the youthful audiences nationwide and that is precisely what is happening with the Compton California artist better known on the streets as “KUUL A.D.E.”

“KUUL A.D.E.”, recently signed to the street edged, Compton based Rap label “TONESTRUCK RECORDS” which is owned and operated by MR. LEE FORD. and together, they are crafting what is sure to be an exciting and explosive debut album release which should hit the streets by July 2015.

Navigating the rough streets of Compton and building a name for himself in Rap music circles by doing performances all across California and Arizona, “KUUL A.D.E.” caught the attention of TONESTRUCK RECORDS president LEE FORD who immediately entered contractual discussions with the artist and eventually signed him to a long term recording contract with the label.

“KUUL A.D.E.” known for his rapid fire delivery and aggressive nature on records became a fan favorite after a few years of performing and recording music that was an “instant hit” in strip clubs and in underground circles throughout Los Angeles. Currently working on the new project , the label is preparing to release the lead single from the album entitled “BEDROOM” produce by tweek beatz feat DP which is filling the dance floors all across California and has taken hold as a strip club favorite in just a very short period of time.So buckle up and prepare yourself for the ride of your life musically speaking and get ready to have a taste of the one and only we’re”KUUL A.D.E.” . It’s a “Flavor sure you will enjoy”.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KuulAdeMusic
Twitter: @KUULADEmusic / @TONESTRUCK
For booking contact KB @ 4242423184 or email tonestruckrecords@gmail.com