Kyle Bent (@iamkylebent) – Complex Simplicity


Kyle Bent Releases “Complex Simplicity” LP In Its Entirety

At a ripe 19-years-old, Kyle Bent is poised to take the Hip Hop world by storm. The Massachusetts-based MC is one of the most honest voices out there and for a teenager, has some extremely mature insights on life.

Bent has finally unveiled his sophomore album, Complex Simplicity, which expresses Bent’s life philosophy: “Comparing your life to anybody else is pointless. No one has the story you have. If you waste it, that’s it. And that alone should give you every reason to look life in the eye and say give me all you got and turn your life into a fairy tale.”

From the gentle album opener “Simple” to its closer, “Complexity,” the 10-track project is a captivating testament to his perseverance in both his life and music career.

Bent has released a total of six projects with a seventh on the way. In between each of one of these projects, he’s released multiple music videos, including “Rotten Apple Seeds” and“Deserve.” Collectively, they have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Listen to Complex Simplicity in full above.


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