L.A. Boxers (@LA_Boxers) ft. Rose de Mai – Say When (Free EP)

Get ready to be knocked out by L.A. Boxers FREE EP of their latest single ‘Say When’, featuring Rose de Mai’s powerful vocals, combined with remixes from A.L.E.X. and Dougie, Embassy, Jonah & Matt Carter.

Determined to drive their dynamic musical talents to the forefront of our attention L.A. Boxers have been diligently focused on their own label, Loft Party Records. Seeking to soar artists, such as Corporal F, Majora, Phaid, Hiloxam, & Latcha, to new heights, L.A. Boxers have now found the time to work on their own material.

‘Say When’ exudes elegant vocals from long-time friend Rose de Mai, and had been fused into a dance floor friendly version accompanied by a selection of House, Garage & Grime remixes. Be ready to satisfy your taste buds with all genres catered for!

Hailing from Croydon, South London, L.A. Boxers are DJ/Production trio comprising of Alex, Callum & Rob.