Leftee / Synchroshakti – “I Have A Vision” (@ThreePeace)

Leftee lead singer and drummer of the Michigan Reggae Rock Band THREEPEACE and Synchroshakti combine their musical talents on track 3 of the album called “I Have A Vision”, a song about the spiritual unity of man as a whole, looking to the things we share instead of things which divide us. Synchroshakti is India’s finest export and a wonderful Musician and Spiritual Coach, God’s Paintbrush began to overheat during the production of this song as the orgone crystal circuit was working overtime with the spiritual connections and the concept of synchronicity and “Unity For Man.” Share this song with the World and help deliver the vision to reality! ONE LOVE!

Artist Name : Leftee / Synchroshakti
Twitter: Twitter.com/ThreePeace

Leftee is the Lead Singer of ThreePeace you can also use the ThreePeace links at www.threepeace.org and also the Leftee Solo page at www.threepeace.org/leftee.htm, let me know if there is anything additional you need.