LITTLEFOOT (@rutherfordfouts) – Higher Up Mixtape


“The music I am going for is less of a genre and more a feel or vibe. It’s not about how I say it but more what I want to say that steers which direction my music takes. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and always felt a little bit like an outsider. I was always in my schools chamber choir and had 2 years of classical vocal training, but it wasn’t until I got in trouble with my school and parents for an assortment of reasons that I turned to Kid Cudi and Eminem for inspiration.

It was then that I started writing my own songs in hopes of being for future what Kid Cudi was for me, another kid just trying to figure this shit out. That’s really been the motive since the beginning and it’s done me well so far. I guess I’ll just keep going from there until the end.”