MAEVE STEELE (@steele_maeve) – “No Control”

Pop-Noir songstress and blue-velvet vocalist ​Maeve Steele ​revives the timeless iconography that redefined commercial music. Born and raised in the larger-than-life Bay Area, CA, Maeve Steele was baptized by San Francisco’s paradigmatic summer of love melodies, captivated by counter-culture pioneers and rock n’ roll originators. Immersed in a haven for untamed creative souls, ​Maeve​’s artistry was driven by a synergy of folk, rock, hip-hop, soul and new-wave pop. Her innate, uncompromising and eclectic love of music led her to become a classically trained violinist, later learning to play guitar and piano. Boasting intoxicating, cocktail-pop instrumentation and effortless swagger, ​Maeve ​holds the written word to a sanctified standard. A champion on behalf of raw realism, ​Steele​’s lyricism allows universality to sound extraordinary, adorning plain-spoken poetry with progressive pop production. Her debut project MAEVE STEELE—​ a dual single release—allows her skill to speak for itself. Alongside emerging producer Cole Phillips ​and ​Grammy​- nominated engineer R​obert Venable (Twenty One Pilots, Kelly Clarkson)​, Maeve Steele ​established herself as a major player with the singles ​Real ​and ​Tourist​. ​Steele​’s next era began with ​No Control​—the leading track from her upcoming sophomore project.