Maniak (@Maniak187) – 2 Da Heart

A little bit about myself, I’m from Flint, MI, born and raised, but now in Columbus, OH, was recently in North Carolina for a while before now, doing a little networking along the way, working with some of the hottest producers, such as Cameron from Big Toe Productions, Layla from One Source Productions and also Thug Chemist from Da Staff (in flint), I’m 30 years old and blessed to be alive, with a loving family of my own, still trying to make moves and network with anybody, with the love and heart for music like me, my current single is “2 Da Heart” produced by Terrance “Yung Drag” from Columbus, Ohio and mix and mastered, but keep a look out for the album “Asylum” as well, for more history on Maniak, please feel free and check out “Closer PT. 1” the video on under Cleven Williams and earlier songs on Reverbnation, their is more to come, songs, shows and more soon, please stay tuned, until then keep listening and thank you for your support stay blessed as always.