Marcus Christ (@hotice07) – “I Dunno What To Call It”

MTB Entertainment has just announced that they have cancelled all Afton shows with their artist Marcus Christ. Marcus Christ was told a certain amount of tickets were sold, but it appears more tickets were sold and money was given to people not affiliated with MTB Entertainment. Marcus Christ was paid approximately $20 for his February show. His April show according to Afton was not making any ticket sales, but the press releases hits increased over 1,000%. This has caused lawyers at MTB Entertainment to realize that monies earned by the company and artist Marcus Christ were given to government officials and the artist’ family working with these officials.

Furthermore, Marcus Christ’s album will be delayed until December 7th, 2018. Marcus Christ suffered a biological attacked from Britain that caused “extremely thick” mucus in his lungs and sinuses preventing him to perform. Since Marcus Christ is a confirmed non-executable immortal he survived, but is waiting for his voice to recover before he can finish recording his album. According to Wikipedia, “Because Mars was identified as the Roman god of War, the name ‘Marcus’ can by extension be taken to refer to Ares in the Greek pantheon.”

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