Matthew Schultz (@mschultz33) ft. Jim Jones (@jimjonescapo) – We Own The Night

Hailing from New Jersey, Matthew Schultz is making big waves in the music industry, with his first single Money or Me creating a huge impact. In a short time he has accumulated a huge fanbase and has topped the charts on Reverb Nation. Following on from the success of 2014’s Crazy Heart single, this track, We Own The Night, will be released on June 27th, 2015 and fans will find it was worth the wait.

Opening with a swirling string melody, and a spoken word ad lib from rapper Jim Jones it proceeds from the introduction to the verse. Over a powerful, punchy hip-hop groove Jim Jones lays down some smooth flowing rhymes about what sounds like a very wild night, with lines like: “One night out I could blow a brick…” ($40k, apparently) and “a four-way menage I got in my room…“.

Then Matthew enters singing (in the deep end of his range) the huge, anthemic chorus hook “Never the daylight, it’s not my name, a star in the moonlight, it’s not a game…we own the night…”. In the second verse, Matthew continues in the style of the chorus in a mesmeric, low voice: “We follow the moon across the sky…”. A gorgeous, exotic sounding guitar solo is an unexpected nice touch.

Overall, this is another very impressive release from the versatile Matthew Schultz. It’s a classy anthem about nightlife and good times that is perfect for radio and will go down well in clubs also. I could imagine that a dance remix would work well with that catchy chorus and I think Matthew Schultz has another winner on his hands.

– Alex Faulkner

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