MechieDeuce (@MechieDeuce) & T.O – The 3’E’s (Enter, Execute, Expand)

Our Group is called “The 3’E’s”. Group members are MechieDeuce, T.O. JohnnyBoy, Lil Lead, & Mayne” The 3 E’s means Enter, Execute, Expand or it can mean anything using the letter “E” & 3 words. Our biggest challenge as an artist/group is Time. Right now our hottest song is called ” Hop Out ” by T.O. & MechieDeuce. We are working on an Album called ” The 3’E’s” and on this album it’s about a lot of Random topics but R&B & Rap. Our fans will know we are to Execute as an independent Group to the Top & Expand our music.

Twitter: @MechieDeuce