Megaciph (@megaciph) – CIVIL.i.AM

A rally cry for our times, CIVIL.i.AM says Black Lives Matter, it says I Can’t Breathe and it says Hands Up Don’t Shoot. Incorporating Native American samples with Trap beats the song blends the voices/sounds and imagery of oppressed groups. Trap music, born of the myth that the only good job in the hood is dealing drugs so drug dealer culture becomes generational and unquestionable if not outright celebrated. Likewise the Native American is the single most oppressed group in North America with less than 1% of US population on land they used to number in the tens of millions. The story line is from the perspective of a victim of racial profiling, as a man of color in America. There is not one violent lyric throughout although the tone is unflinching in its call for immediate change of social norms.

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