Melodic Yoza (@melodicyoza) – COUNTRI BUNKAN

For those of you who have been asking for more of a mix between Dancehall and Pop / Hip Hop, you are going to appreciate the current release from Melodic Yoza called “Countri Bunkan.”

The only Dancehall / Reggae heard on this track are the vocals of the artist and the enunciation of his words. The music is 100% Pop / Hip Hop making it infectious and easy for fans and music lovers to follow. With that said, what is the big deal about people who come from ‘country’ and people who come from the city? Why are country people discouraged and city people encouraged?
Melodic sings: “Hold on tight don’t let go / this is the life that I know / from ah likkle and ah grow // you didn’t pass your common entrance / couldn’t get an entrance….”

The song goes on to share the conversation between a ‘country’ yute and Melodic who encourages the yute to strive for more.


HOTTT New Dancehall / Pop / Hip Hop #REGGAESOULHOP
►►► Melodic Yoza

(written by Natasha Von Castle)