Mista O (@mayhemmuzikent) – I’m A Monsta


David Garland (born December 9th, 1984), who performs under the name “Mista O,” is a recording artist, entertainer, producer, and DJ. He was born in Savannah, GA. Growing up as one of the only white entertainers/rappers in his area, he suffered much criticism towards his art. The name “Mista O” was derived from kids teasingly calling him “Oreo” in high school. David decided to take that name and turn it into a positive and continue to pursue his dream.
In addition to writing and recording over the past 12 years, he made the decision to join the military in 2007. The military training combined with a tour in Afghanistan just made him appreciate life and freedom in a whole new way. He knew from that point onward that life is just too short to not be striving to do what you love.
“Mista O” is currently working on a new album and is the owner/operator of a recording studio while “fine tuning” his craft.
Lookout for “I’m A Monsta” on iTunes now.

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