Nazdaq (@Nazdaq_GFP) – “Supremacy” Mixtape

With a fervent love for what he does; Nazdaq presents us with his personal input on society and music as a whole. The lead single “Life Among Kings” explores such ideas as racial equality and unity; all while giving the listener a brief, hidden history lesson. The brother to locally known trap rapper IceMan aka IceTheDon/Tony Black Soprano (, Nazdaq has spent most of his time as a feature artist exclusive to his brother, but now they are looking to expand and bring the world the change it so desperately needs. A lofty goal? Maybe, but the force with which Nazdaq delivers makes you believe that their mission is possible. From beginning to end “Supremacy” is a string of powerful beats laced with intense and vivid lyrics with imagery reminiscent of Slick Rick The Ruler, and metaphors that call back to the powerful punchlines of the 90s. Be the person that said “I knew him when….” Check it out as it releases November 3rd, 2014

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Instagram: Nazdaq05
Twitter: Nazdaq_GFP