In an industry polluted with regurgitated artist, NC artist Johnny Breeze is proving he is far from the norm. While the subjects of partying and trapping may seem like a familiar road for us as listeners, the style and flow in which Breeze delivers, instantly seperates him from the pack. This is definitely the case with his 1st single “Cuttin Up” off of his debut project “N.D.S.D.”. “Soon as I heard the beat i snapped, its like the words was on the beat i just stepped in booth and snapped”,says the NC product. The song is a harmonious roller-coaster ride,as Breeze jumps in and out of his flow,midway through his verses to harmonize in an completely different voice tone. The 2nd Single “Now Now” displays Breeze flowing smoothly over a rather laid back track, between an infectious hook. Both tracks are undeniable. The 29 year old MC,who credits his family home being raided 3 times in 3 days 6 years ago as his reasons for pursuing rap professionally, dropped his debut album N.D.S.D. April 9 2019. N.D.S.D is an acronym for No Deal Still Dealing. When asked if he was afraid of any backlash that the title could give off the impression that he may be mistookin for another street glorifying rapper Breeze simply responded, “Contrary to how the title might sound, when someone uses the term “dealing” it doesn’t necessarily have to be from in illegal aspect”, says Johnny “every single thing you do requires u to deal with whatever it is your doing, so basically living life is dealing”. These songs and the entire album can be streamed on all digital platforms.