Neji Vibez presents: “GRAIL”, the album. #Swerrrdmedia @nejivibez

Neji Vibez presents: “GRAIL”, the album. Born and raised in Slidell, LA, a small town outside the New Orleans area, Neji Vibez has become the type of rare artist that hardcore music fans are seeking out every day. Being a true visionary and pure in his craft, he has created the perfectly imperfect album that is sure to withstand the test of time, a feat which many artists of his generation have failed to do. Entirely recorded, mixed, and mastered by himself in his apartment, “GRAIL” is a completely unique audio experience boasting no features aside from background vocals by Ghostie on the hook of his intro track. Combining his lyrically heavy style with futuristic sounds and concepts, it includes everything from slow jazzy waves, to trap bangers, to fast tempo electronic jams, soul inspired beats, darker tones, and spiritual chants. “GRAIL” is an emotional rollercoaster brimming with creativity, innovation, confidence, passion, aggression, and experience. Neji has truly let his talent speak for itself with this his latest project.